28 September 2011

In the depths of the mammoth files of Chris, a completely forgotten recording from 1994 as a pre-production demo that was made at the instigation of Sotiris, was discovered and right away the two friends started to rearrange the song to its today’s form.

"Till The End" is a (still) fresh, dynamic composition of Sotiris that definitely fits the whole tone of the upcoming album!

08 September 2011

After a long summer, Sotiris and Chris record the song which they later decide should become the general title of the upcoming album.

Wander Thirst” is a poem by Gerald Gould, chosen by Chris’ mother, Chryssanthi Kissadjekian out of her high school reading book back in 1945.
It’s melody brings once again the two friends on the path of Art and Progressive Rock honoring milestone bands like Kansas and Styx.

26 April 2011

A second song inspired by the “School Of Gods” book by Stefano Elio D’Anna is in the making: the epic-lyric “Die Less”. This time, the inspiration for Sotiris’ lyrics and Chris’ music comes from the importance for each one of us to avoid “dying” from his own choices in his everyday life as well as his way of dealing with everything that happens to him.

The first touches of the duo’s Progressive Rock influences take shape here, with Sotiris’ intro drifting us back to times when the Art Rock movement was in its peak.

19 April 2011

Honorary guest in the studio is Theodore Hydreos, who brought his own equipment to record and offer his own valuable touch adding a brilliant guitar solo on the second part of the soloing for the song “Even The Score Tonight”.

07 April 2011

The song “Dreams Coming Back To Life” is born, inspired by the reading of Stefano Elio D’Anna’s book “School Of Gods” which influenced the two songwriters.

The song with Sotiris’ lyrics highlights the powerful importance of “dreaming” awake and chasing one’s dreams until they become a reality.

01 March 2011

A tribute to the saga of the legendary band Cream and especially of their epic drummer Ginger Baker is born out of an out-of-the-blue jam session inside the studio walls.

The song “They’re Huntin’ Me” comes to support the straight-forward hard rock attitude of the band, the best possible way.

23 February 2011

It was the monumental film by director Sam PeckinpahPat Garrett and Billy the Kid” (1973), the soundtrack of which included the song “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan and not the later famous cover version by the Guns ‘n’ Roses, was what made Byron Kissadjekian propose a very hard and heavy cover of the original song to his brother Chris.

The result? A heavy metal riff by Chris with multiple vocals by the Chris, Byron and Sotiris and while nearing the end of the song, a living nightmare coming out of the three men’s common musical background, like The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Big Elf.

Byron’s narration of his lyrics co-signs a small saga..

20 December 2010

The basic composition of the song “Even The Score Tonight” was present in Chris’ mind for over ten years, as a candidate song for the band What’s The Buzz? but until now, the melody had never made it into becoming a complete song.

Lyrics and arrangements were written by Sotiris. Here, the melody is crafted to become a song for the debut album of a new effort. After a mutual agreement between the two artists, the idea to revive their band “What’s The Buzz?” is tucked “on ice” and Chris essentially suggests Sotiris the “baptism” of their common new effort under the name of “Double Treat”.

How so? It’s because of the great love of both for everything that the unexcelled Stevie Ray Vaughan offered to the music before his untimely death in 1990, who –by the way- had one time formed a band named “Triple Thread”.

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