07 December 2010

After the persistent urging of his big brother, Byron Kissadjekian, who unequivocally expressed his will to take on the role of art director for this new effort, Chris proposed Sotiris to work on a lyric part for the insurmountable verses of Nobel laureate poet Odysseas Elytis’ poem “Hesperus” based on a free English translation by Byron, Sotiris and Chryssanthi Kissadjekian.

The result is the song “Guardian Hesperus” which sounds as yet another heavy riff out of the Great Tony Iommi’s guitar on Chris’ bass, while Sotiris’ vocal interpretation surpasses all expectations.

08 November 2010

During one of the duo’s jam sessions, the basic structure of the song “Never Too Late” is born from the fingers of Chris Kissadjekian, in his attempt to honor both his and Sotiris’ music influences: Free, Bad Company, Whitesnake and generally the British music scene of Hard Rock as it flashed in the late 60’s and ruled in the 70’s!

Sotiris’ lyrics “exorcise” his old friend’s demons and initially, the song is intended for the second album by their band What’s The Buzz?, however, it didn’t take long before it goes under the roof of a still newborn idea of a “two men show” that still bears no name…

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